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Thursday 12 July: Melbourne Writers' Festival & Wheeler Centre     

Venue: Athenaeum Theatre, 188 Collins Street, Melbourne Time: 7.30pm



Friday 13 July: Brisbane Writers' Festival

Venue: Brisbane Powerhouse, 119 Lamington Street, New Farm Time: 7.15pm



Sunday 15 JulySydney Writers' Festival

Venue: City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney Time: 2.30pm



Tuesday 17 July: City of Melville in association with Dymocks Garden City

Venue: A.H. Bracks Library, corner Stock Road & Canning Highway, Melville Time: 6.30pm

To book, call 9364 0115 or 9364 7687                        


Wednesday 18 JulyThe University of Western Australia

Venue: The University Club, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley  Time: 12.30pm



Thursday 19 JulyNational Library of Australia & Canberra Times

Venue: Foyer, Parkes Place, Canberra Time: 12.30pm


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'From the opening line, Richard Ford's Canada is an intoxicating, graceful and quietly observant novel ... written with elegance and calm precision that highlights the exquisite irrationality of the nature of mankind.' -- Sunday Mail Brisbane

'[A] moving coming-of-age story ... Ford writes with economy and grace. Deeply moving.' -- Sunday Mail Adelaide

'Canada is an unusual, deeply affecting coming-of-age story ... Richard Ford writes with such economy and grace that he has created a memorable and indelible character in Dell, marked by his strong will to understand his ill-fated family, but in the end letting them go so he can have a chance at making his own life.' -- Sunday Herald Sun

'A haunting novel of vast landscapes, complex identities and fragile humanity.' -- 50 Something

'A simple tale of complexity. This prizewinning author has a way with words that can sometimes be a little too honest ... [A] complex, ethically serious novel.' -- The Sydney Morning Herald

'Canada is the kind of novel that will keep you up late at night and make you want to rise early.' -- Kevin Rabalais, The Sydney Morning Herald

'Ford's Canada has the gentle tension of a Lyle Lovett ballad. It's quite and wistful, knowing and lyrical, with a tender, mournful heart ... Ford's sentences are rich, delicate and true. Canada contains the elements of a great novel or a classic country song. Essentially good characters doing stupid, bad things are described in fine words under generous skies ... Ford's writing is graceful and pointed, and stylistically impeccable...' -- The Weekend Australian

'Canada I found to have a sharper edge than Independence Day or The Lay of the Land. To some degree, it is a darker and longer reprise of Ford's Wildlife novel ... The author has retained his urge to tip things off their axis to see what will happen.' -- The Canberra Times

'Invention is the engine in Richard Ford's powerful story telling. Each time Dell returns to a moment to examine it for its potentialities, there is an accretion until gradually shapes begin to form, contours of meaning. As we gradually inhabit Dell almost bodily, and through him the other members of the family, we finally come to some sort of understanding of "how ordinary behaviour exists so close beside its opposite". In this dazzling transformation, Ford performs for us a kind of alchemy.' -- The Australian Financial Review

'One of America's pre-eminent men of letters, Ford tells the tale of Dell Parsons ... Ford's storytelling is so good you're into this book before you even know it.' -- Men's Style

'The Pulitzer Prize winner author dazzles with another masterful work. Bittersweet, poignant and witty all at once.' -- Harper's Bazaar

'The story of a family wrenched apart by robbery and murder.' -- Bookseller+Publisher

'[Ford's] prose is characteristically graceful, and at times even beautiful.' -- Economist

'There's a quiet, but unmistakable sense of majesty about this novel. A potent sense of something vast and mythic yet ultimately unfathomable ... As ever, Ford's superb, sinewy and sonorous sentences are the real star of this strangely mesmerising narrative which unfolds in three rhythmic, ambulatory and unequal chapters.' -- Bron Sibree

'A deeply considered piece of work, notable for the tasteful restraint and clarity of its prose ... The ability to invest such an obviously symbolic gesture with complex resonances suggests that implication, rather than explication, remains Ford's greatest strength as a writer.' -- The Australian Book Review

'Ford has an uncontrived style right down to his acclaimed sentences. Sinewy, sonorous sentences that elevate the humdrum, the ordinary, into the near-muninous ... The sentences in Canada, too, are a minor miracle' -- The West Australian

'The teasing and withholding motion of the plot energises the actual experience of reading the book and keeps the high reflective stuff from seeming too stolid. So too does the period evocation, which is vivid and concrete and spacious ... As a high schoolteacher, the grown-up Dell tells his students that American literature is all about duplicity and self-transformation: it is also about orphaned boys making their way, for better or worse. Canada encompasses all these things and is also about the workings of fate in a hard world.' -- Sun Herald

'Richard Ford writes in a tradition reaching back to the great American chroniclers like John Steinbeck and Wallace Stegner. With the action off-stage, the emphasis is on the writing. Ford is a master of his craft ... Ford still writes with stunning power, presenting illuminating snatches of the sad and damaged characters who are the casualties of the American dream.' -- Adelaide Advertiser

'The Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Richard Ford, has done it again. To his multitude of fans who regard him equally talented as John Updike, Phillip Roth or Saul Bellow, this long awaited tome will be greeted with great acclaim.' -- Mudgee Guardian

'The characters are so meticulously and vividly described.' -- The Monthly

'Throughout Canada, Ford's use of language is measured and mesmerising, rhythmic and ruminative, as spare and unadorned as the Saskatchewan prairie where Dell washes up ... a beautiful novel.' -- The Wheeler Centre

'There is a reason that Richard Ford has a reputation as one of his generation's most finest storytellers. His attention to detail is meticulous, his narrative strong and his characterisation faultless. A wonderfully deep and meaningful story that I can see myself reading again and again in the coming years and finding more in it each time.' -- 1 Girl 2 Many Books blog

'An unconventional family road trip headed for Canada and freedom.' -- Australian T3

'One is reminded of the simple turn of the tap, the water slowly seeping out before a sudden rush of brilliance, albeit the brilliance is also there in the wonderful beginning, only in more hushed tones ... Canada is another masterpiece by a true master. It's far too early to call it a true classic, but the parallels Ford draws between today's economic and social climate and the individual's quest for financial sovereignty in the 1960's is incredibly crafted. As always, his characters are richly constructed and his writing strikes chords you never knew you had, drifting between heart-achingly vulnerable to brutally direct in a single thought. Ford never loses control throughout his prose, as rich at times as it is demur at others. Soon to be talked about amongst literary scholars for years to come, why not talk about it today.' -- Andrew Cattanach, Booktopia

'Canada is a beautifully written novel. It uses descriptive language that is evocative of life in Great Falls, Montana in America and ... Saskatchewan, Canada. The novel explores the concept of borders, the crossing of a national border from America to Canada to start a new life, as well as the crossing of a moral border that Dell's parents take when they make the pivotal decision to rob a bank to get themselves out of difficulty and make a new start.' --

'Canada is a superlatively good book, richly imagined and beautifully fashioned. Although it is too early to do so, one is tempted to acclaim it a masterpiece' -- John Banville, Guardian

'Toni Morrison, John Irving and now Richard Ford. Ford's new book is the best of the lot ... His most elegiac and profound book yet ... Marilynne Robinson (without the theology) and Cormac McCarthy (without the gore)' -- Washington Post 

'Ford is possessed of a writer's greatest gifts' -- Lorrie Moore, New Yorker 

'A real king returns ... a story, and a vision, as sweeping as its landscapes' -- Boyd Tonkin, Independent

'A literary road movie' -- Claire Allfree, Metro

'A massive, ruminative, poignant and carthartic novel ... it is a masterly account of a modulating adult life. Ford's canvas is huge, but his wealth of subtle detail remains astonishingly vivid' -- Independent on Sunday

'Wistful, bittersweet and often very funny ... seems to locate all the quiet despairs and hopes of the human condition with exquisite precision' -- Daily Telegraph

'An extraordinary novel' -- The Australian Financial Review

'Canada is an unusual, deeply affecting coming-of-age story ... Richard Ford writes with such economy and grace that he has created a memorable and indelible character in Dell-- Sunday Herald Sun


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